Project extents update in GeoModeller is not officially supported.

A full backup of the project is recommended prior to undertaking any of the steps described on this page.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Go to Project→Save Batch Scripts..., enable all options and select the Output Directory and File Name.
  2. In the Navigator pane on the left side, browse to your project directory and double click the .task file generated in the previous step. The content of the file will appear in a new tab.
  3. Edit the Extents attributes to fit your needs. Note that structural data which may be left out of the new box will not be removed automatically.
  4. Save with Ctrl + S.
  5. Click on the black down arrow next to the green play button on the top icon row and select Run Configurations.
  6. Browse to the task file and click Run.
  7. Close the project and open its resized counterpart.