INTREPID and Sea-g run on x86_64 computers.


Intel / AMD x86_64 processors with AVX support.

Intel Sandy Bridge (introduced Jan 2011) or newer; 

To use the embedded Intel HD graphics, Intel Broadwell CPUs (introduced Jun 2015) or newer is a must.

AMD Bulldozer (introduced Late 2011) or newer.


    8GiB minimum, recommend 16GiB or more.


    Dependent on the size of the customer's dataset. INTREPID itself requires at least 4GB disk space. If you are intending on using a non-typical installation of Intrepid, a data-less (optimized) version is available upon request.  

Graphics Card

nVidia GeForce drivers do not support OpenGL over Microsoft Remote Desktop protocol by default. 
A tool from nVidia is needed if you run Intrepid / Sea-g over RDP: 

All graphics cards that support OpenGL 4.3 and above, with the latest driver from the vendor, are supported.

For example:

AMD Radeon HD 77xx or newer, introduced in early 2012;

nVidia GeForce 400 series introduced in late 2010, or newer, except GeForce 405 for OEM market;

Intel HD Graphics 8th Gen or newer, seen on 5th gen Intel i3, i5, i7 CPUs.

Operating System and Other Software

Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 10: 64-bit, preferably Professional or Ultimate.

INTREPID also provides experimental support for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS 64-bit;
Please contact us for available versions.

Modern web-browser for viewing documentation with and without internet connection. Intrepid Geophysics recommends Chrome/Edge/Firefox