The strike angle in the Euler points database is  a conventional strike direction not a dip direction; No dip is calculated so the strike direction does not imply a dip direction ie the Right hand rule does not apply.

In the Euler database there will be both positive and negative strike angles (0 to 180 and 0 to -180. Prior to import to Geomodeller it is recommended that you convert them all to positive angles ie 0 -360 so that they are  conventional azimuths.

Worme (Multi-scale edge detection):

The worme tool produces a points database and each point is attributed with a conventional strike direction as for Euler; it reports a true 0-360 degree azimuth so no conversion is required; this strike is directly reflected in the worme linear contained in the worme lines database or the worme shape file which is formed by joining the points.