Yes, Intrepid may import/export to .shp format.

Export of vector components of Intrepid maps to to ESRI shapefiles (.shp) is supported by creating and running a job file.

Export to ESRI Shape File

To export the contours and other map elements as an ESRI Shape file you will need to:

  1. Specify Arc format in the Map file

  2. Create and run a job file from Project Manager

Updating the map file with Arc format

  1. Open the map file in a text editor

  2. Add the line “call = arcshape” to the map file as the first line.

Creating and running job file

  1. Using a text editor create the following text file and give it a .job extension

Process Begin

    Name = mapprint            

    Input = ./            

    Output = ./contour_to_shape

Process End

  1. In the example above:

    The Output parameter is the file name of the output Shape file

  2.  In Project Manager right click on the job file – Select Run Job