Although GeoModeller is not primarily designed for this task, it is possible to model thin, (un)even, topography bound cover in GeoModeller using Dykes as a workaround.

The procedure is as follows for a cover of "relaxed" thickness <T>:

  1. Create a dyke under Geology->Dykes: Manage

    The dyke will be automatically added to a new Series and Placed at the top of the Stratigraphic pile

  2. Digitize a cloud of solo contact points for the dyke on the topography section with horizontal associated orientation data and a thickness of 200% of <T>.
    When dealing with high relief terrain, a better fit can be achieved by deriving orientation data from the topography itself using the Fit a Plane to Points tool.
    There should no lines between the points as we do not want the interpolator to consider any winding order.