Geological interfaces and/or faults may be digitized in GeoModeller using a 2D grid as reference. 

For regular raster images (png, jpeg, tiff) skip to step 4

Steps 1 to 3 are for data grids only:

  1. Import your grid into GeoModeller under Import->Grid and Mesh->2D Grid
  2. On the left panel, navigate to Grids and Meshes->YourGridName->YourChannelName->right click->Field Visualisation Manager
  3. Select View on Section for the SurfaceTopography
  4. If you have other grids/views projected to the section of interest you may manage them using the Image Manager.
    You may import regular raster images (png, jpeg, tiff) directly using the Image Manager. Note that you will have to georeference regular images to be consistent with the section's coordinate system and projection.
  5. Once the grid is appropriately projected to the section, use the point tool to digitize the contours/structures of interest
  6. The digitized points may then be attributed to a formation or fault using the Create Geology Data tool