For details on contour generation please refer the client to user manual Map Composition (T45).

Creating Contours

  1. The map composition tool is under "Mapping"-> "Map Composition"
  2. Simple contours for any grid can be created in "Map Composition" -> "Geographic" ->  "New Contour"
  3. Within the menu of these tools select grid file and under "Contour Cuts" the interval, density, line thickness, line colour and annotations.
  4. Please note that all the contours may not display on screen at this time. Contours on the screen are thinned out to prevent overlap.
  5. Save as map.

For detailed parameter configuration refer to the manual.

Viewing on screen

  1. To view the contours and other map elements on screen use the MapPrint tool.
  2. "Mapping" -> "Print Map"
  3. Open Map to render on screen.