In GeoModeller, it is posible to export a computed model to a FEFLOW compatible smart layered mesh for use in watermodelling simulations.

To do so, go to Export->3D Model->Model

In the "Export Model" window, select Feflow in the 3D Export Types section

Carefully select the dz and VarZ values for optimal rendering of the target model.

Keep in mind that:

  • dz is the vertical cell size
  • VarZ is a downwards geometric/exponential expansion factor applied to dz

General guidelines are:

  • Start with moderate VarZ values (1<VarZ<2) to avoid stacking all layers at the very top of your model
  • Keep the dz value such that the number of vertical layers (cells) stays manageable in regard to VarZ
  • If the layers are stacking at the top, increase dz and/or decrease VarZ.