I am an existing client, do I have to contact Intrepid?

You are free to contact us as you see fit. If you choose to wait, Intrepid will contact you to handle your case.

I hold an academic license; how will I be affected?

The change is transparent to academic license holders. That is so because academic license holders were only ever issued one-year renewable licenses that would always include maintenance.

I hold a termed commercial license; how will I be affected?

Your termed commercial license remains valid until the agreed-on end date. You may opt-in a subscription plan anytime at a 50% discount, please contact sales@intrepid-geophysics.com for more information.

I hold a commercial perpetual license; how will I be affected?

Your perpetual license is untouched by these changes, so you have the right to use it as you see fit. However, you will not be able to get updates, purchase maintenance, or expand the number of modules available for this license. You may opt-in a subscription plan at a 50% discount, please contact sales@intrepid-geophysics.com for more information.

Do I lose my perpetual license if I opt-in?

You will retain full usage of your perpetual license regardless of your subscription plan status. However, purchase of support, maintenance or upgrades for perpetual licenses has been discontinued.

Does the change affect JetStream users?

No, this change only affects GeoModeller and Intrepid users.

Does the change affect Sea-g users?

No, this change only affects GeoModeller and Intrepid users.

I have paid for several years of maintenance upfront; do I lose them?

Prepaid maintenance remains valid until the agreed-on end date. We will support you as planned.

May I purchase perpetual licenses before the change?

No. Perpetual licenses are indefinitely discontinued.

May I purchase maintenance before the change?

You may purchase up to one year of maintenance on any number of existing GeoModeller or Intrepid licenses until 01/01/2019 provided that you do not have more than 6 months’ worth of maintenance left for these licenses.

May I purchase more than one year of subscription?

Yes, you may purchase up to 5 years of subscription upfront.

Will the subscription fees evolve over time?

Yes, the subscription fees will be adjusted yearly for inflation and various other factors. The subscription fees are re-evaluated on the 31st of July each year.

Does Intrepid practice territory-based price discrimination?

No, as long as licenses are purchased directly from Intrepid Geophysics.

Does Intrepid propose sliding scale fees?

No, Intrepid does not adjust the pricing of its software products according to the size or revenue of a business.

What currency may I use to pay my subscription fees?

You may use any currency, however Intrepid Geophysics trades in US dollars and AU dollars only. If you chose to user another currency, we will apply exchange international rates plus an extra fee.

I am an existing user and no longer eligible for an academic license; am I eligible for the commercial license subscription discount?


What is an existing user?

Any person/business still holding a valid GeoModeller or Intrepid software license on 01/10/2018 is an existing user.

Until when is the 50% discount on subscription valid?

Existing users may obtain a 50% discount on their subscription plans until 30/04/2019.

I hold a single license; am I eligible for more than one subscription plan discounts?

Yes, you may obtain as many discounted licenses as required.

May I split the payment of the yearly subscription over twelve months?

You may purchase monthly subscription for this purpose. Yearly subscription is to be paid yearly with option for multi-year prepay up to 5 years.

How are the modules organized in the new system?

The new system subdivides GeoModeller and Intrepid software modules into 3 tiers of increasing functionality: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. Each tier includes the features of the preceding ones, please visit [website page] or contact sales@intrepid-geophysics.com for more information.

I would like to purchase a license for a single module, is that possible in the new system?


The combination of modules in my current license does not correspond to any of the three tiers of functionality; which tier will be applied? 

Licenses in the new system are not always perfectly aligned with their older counterparts. These license alignment issues may cause feature and/or price overload compared to the previous system. If you suspect that will be the case for your licenses, contact sales@intrepid-geophysics.com for a review.

I have purchased a license from an authorized reseller; how am I affected?

You are still bound to the terms of the agreement with the reseller. Contact your reseller for more information.

My case is not covered by this FAQ, what to do?

Please double check first and contact sales@intrepid-geophysics.com with an accurate description of your situation.