In the light of ongoing market evolution, Intrepid Geophysics has taken the decision to upgrade its licensing protocols for the GeoModeller and Intrepid software products.

The upgrade concerns two separate aspects of the licensing:

  • Pricing: the current split maintenance/license purchase model is changed to a simpler yearly subscription model.
  • Packaging: the modular system is updated to a simplified tiered system of increasing levels of functionality.

We believe these changes will ensure greater consistency, clarity, quality and flexibility across interactions with our customer as follows:

  • Consistency: ensure future development of the innovative methods and practical features that we have been known for over the last 20 years.
  • Clarity: propose a simpler, practical layout of our product offerings.
  • Quality: raise the standards of our support services and enhance the maintenance of our reference material and documentation.
  • Flexibility: allow customers to navigate, share and transfer licenses freely within their organization.

Usage, support, maintenance and delivery of the GeoModeller and Intrepid software products are now bundled into yearly subscription plans offered by Intrepid Geophysics beginning 1st September 2018

The GeoModeller and Intrepid software products are each divided into Basic, Intermediate and Advanced tiers of functionality. Each tier includes the features of the preceding tiers.

The individual purchase of maintenance for both the GeoModeller and Intrepid software products, including support services and updates, is discontinued from 1st January 2019

Existing license holders will be given the opportunity to opt-in at a 50% discount rate on their yearly subscription until 31st September 2019 or up to 6 months following the end of their last maintenance contract. 

After this date license holders will be treated as new clients and be issued quotes with regular rates. 

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