For a select few users of GeoModeller, some java/swing interfaces can have their font sizes poorly scaled to a point where it negatively affects usability.

One possible work around is to enable scaling overrides to be performed by the system, instead of the application.

1. Head to the installation directory of GeoModeller, typically this will be under C:\GeoModeller

2. Head to the bin/ directory

An alternative to this would be to right click your GeoModeller shortcut, and Open File Location

3. Right Click geomodeller.exe and open properties. On Windows 11 this properties may be hidden further inside the context menu.

4. Once in the properties dialog, head to Compatibility > Change high DPI settings and check/tick the "Override high DPI scaling behavior. Scaling performed by:"  and set this to System.

5. Once done, press OK, close the properties and launch GeoModeller

You may need to do this process for each version of GeoModeller installed

Other config options exist for GUI-scaling, and our support staff are able to assist you with accessibility requirements.